Suffolk Technologies is launching the second annual Suffolk Boost Program: an intense 6-week program to help promising startups solve their biggest business problem.

During the program, you will hear from Suffolk experts, leading academics, and other industry professionals about the problems facing the industry and the technologies that may help solve them. From operational pilots to advisory connections, we will make sure you leverage the Suffolk network to its full potential.

Applications open August 11 2021


Suffolk Technologies is the venture investment affiliate of Suffolk, a national enterprise that invests, innovates, and builds. As a forward thinking business leader with offices nationwide, Suffolk is always convening startups, investors, academia, trade and industry partners, developers, architects, engineers, and government to stem innovative ways of doing business.

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To provide participants with the best possible support, Boost will offer a limited number of spots in this program. Outstanding applicant teams will show early signs of outlier potential, including one or more of the characteristics below.

Outstanding team

Bold vision for the built environment

Well-defined business challenge

​Sample themes include: design, planning, marketplaces, robotics, advanced data analytics, automation, ESG, fintech, mass customization, smart building, supply chain, and any new technology or business model innovation that could bring more efficiency and productivity to the built environment.


Closed an $8MM Series Seed, led by Alpaca


Raised a $24M Series B, invested in by Suffolk Technologies, led by Menlo


Raised a $2.5MM Series Seed from Romulus, EquipmentShare, Suffolk Technologies, and others


How long is the program?

The program will take place over six weeks, starting Oct. 20.

Does the program take equity?

The Boost program is designed to be the start of a company-building relationship. To align interests for long-term success, we will discuss equity-based agreements with the selected Boost Cohort in the form of stock options, warrants, or rights to invest in a future financing round, as appropriate based on the stage of each company.

Must the company be incorporated?

The company must be incorporated to receive the participation grant but does not need to be incorporated at the start of the program.

How big must the team be?

The team must have at least two full-time co-founders.

How developed does the product need to be?

We’ll accept products at any level of development. We’re excited about everything from two founders with a deck to a company with a product and early sales.

Any specific areas of focus you are looking to attract?

While we are excited about any and all solutions that bring efficiency to the built environment, we are particularly excited about startups in design, planning, supply chain, fintech, automation, ESG, mass customization, and smart building space.


What are your assessment criteria?

We will use standard venture criteria to assess each company. Further, we will take into account your ability to disrupt and transform the built world and the ability of Suffolk Technologies and our network to add value given the problem you present.